Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home Theater Systems Best Buys for Black Friday 2009

Consumers as well as retailers had the whole year to plan for the holiday shopping season, which by tradition will kick off this coming Black Friday. You can bet this year’s deals will be major with retailers offering super promos to appeal to budget-conscious consumers affected by the economic downturn. Expect some of the biggest deals on consumer electronics and one of the hottest categories will be home theater systems. The factors that could contribute to this high demand are the increasing availability of digital content, which is best viewed using high definition displays, complemented by hi-fi surround speaker systems.

Let us discuss first some home theater system basics before deciding to buy, for such a system is not a simple one but can consist of several components. The first and perhaps the most important is the HDTV display. It actually can stand alone if you still don’t have the budget for the other components. It should at least have a digital tuner built-in for you to be able to watch free-to-air digital TV channels. Take note that older TV sets cannot do this because analog TV was already shut down nationwide this June. If you have a new LCD or Plasma flat panel HDTV display with a HDMI port, then you’re ready to go. HDMI or high definition multi-media interface is the standard audio/ video cable in interconnecting HDTV devices.

The next component you need to add to your HDTV display is a high definition source, such as a HD DVD player, Blu-ray player, or a DVR (digital video recorder). Manufacturers have stopped production of the HD DVD player in favor of the Blu-ray. You can still buy HD DVD players at inventory prices but you cannot use them any more for new film releases, which are now coming out in Blu-ray format. Here’s a tip for buyers on tight budget – you can use your existing PS3 game console as your Blu-ray player!

If you want a better sound experience while viewing, then you need to add an A/V receiver and multi-channel speakers to your system. The receiver should be able to decode either Dolby Digital 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound coming from your source. The decoded audio signal must then be amplified to be able to drive the speakers. The speakers should be full-range or they should be able to reproduce faithfully the highs, the mids and the lows of all five or seven channels. The last channel is dedicated for the subwoofer, which should be able to reproduce rumbling sounds without distortion.

Below are current online prices, which you can use as your refence in making your selection. Expect big cuts from these listed prices come Black Friday.

Coby DVD938 5.1-Channel DVD Home Theater System with Digital AM/FM Tuner
Price: $87.79

Sony BDVE500W 5.1-Channel High-Definition Blu-ray Disc Player/DVD Disc Home theater System (Black)
Price: $621.95

Samsung HT-BD1250 Blu-ray Home Theater System
Price: $391.00

Panasonic SC-PT770 1000W 5DVD 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Built-in iPod dock and front-to-rear-Wireless Rear Speakers
Price: $321.67

Philips AmbiSound Home Theater Sound Bar with Integrated 1080p-Upscaling DVD/MP3 Player

Coby DVD968 5.1-Channel DVD Home Theater System with 1080p Upconversion, DivX Playback and AM/FM Tuner (Black)
Price: $140.00

Samsung HT-BD7200 Bluetooth Speaker Bar Home Theater System (Black)
Price: $699.98

Onkyo HTS5100B Home Theater System - 7.1 Channel, 1080p HDMI, iPod Dock, SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready
Price: $399.99

Onkyo SKSHT750 Home Theater Speaker System - 7.1 Channel, 110 Watt Output, 230 Watt Subwoofer
Price: $394.00

Sony BDV-E500W Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System - 5.1 Channel, 1080p, HDMI, iPod Cradle, AM/FM, Wireless Rear Speakers, 1000 Watts, Remote Control
Price: $799.99

Panasonic SC-PT670 DVD Home Theater System - 5 Disc Changer, 1000W, 1080p Up-Conversion, Integrated iPod Dock
Price: $299.99

Onkyo HT-S5200 Home Theater System - 7.1 Channel, 1080p, 4x HDMI Input, iPod Dock, 1200 Watts Total
Price: $494.00

RCA RTD258 DVD Home Theater System - 1000 Watt, 5-Disc DVD/CD Changer, HDMI, Upconverting, USB Input (Silver)
Price: $119.99

Onkyo HT-S3200 Home Theater System - 5.1 Channel, HDMI, 1080p, 660W
Price: $324.00

Sony HTIS100 Bravia Theater Micro System - 5.1 channel, 1080p, 3x HDMI Inputs, Digital Media Port, iPod Cradle, 450 Watts Total
Price: $347.99

Sony DAV-HDX285 Bravia Home Theatre System - 5.1 Channel, 1000 Watts, 5 CD/DVD Disc Changer, HDMI
Price: $299.99

Panasonic SC-PT770 DVD Home Theater System - 5.1 Channel, 5 Disc Changer, 1080p Up-Conversion, HDMI, Wireless Rear Speakers, 1000 Watt
Price: $399.99

Home entertainment is one of life's greatest rewards and provides relief from the stresses of daily life. Do your research – go online or do the round in stores to find that perfect home theater system that will bring you years of enjoyment. Always check the web on the latest updates, for chances are some retailers will come out with pre-Black Friday deals thay you may not resist.

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